After enjoying art and drawing at a young age, Annie later had the time and opportunity to return to painting. She sought training across a variety of genres and mediums, attending classes and workshops tutored by professional well-known artists. Subsequently she developed her own distinctive style in her studio in Wiltshire. 

After experimenting with different mediums and techniques, for some time Annie focused on loose floral studies which resulted in her work being published by one of the UK's leading publishing houses.  This led to her paintings being promoted and sold in many leading art galleries in London and throughout the country.

 Annie was accepted for membership of the national Society of Floral Painters, winning an award for a floral study. She has been a committee member in several Art Societies, exhibiting and selling successfully in their annual exhibitions.

Continuing to expand and explore her style, Annie is currently enjoying new directions which include semi-abstract and abstract work. Her method is to paint quickly, relying on her instinct and imagination, thus allowing the painting to evolve. Whether she is painting a landscape, seascape or an abstract, Annie is motivated by texture and strong colour and believes that spontaneity and energy are more important than the definition of the image itself.  She likes the fact that her work can often be viewed with open interpretation, believing that interest is heightened when the viewer can contribute and see what they choose in the image.  

Tutoring workshops play a large part in Annie’s art career, including leading residential painting courses in North Devon and at Marlborough College Summer School. Her special strengths are to inspire other painters to experiment and develop their own unique styles, as well as encouraging spontaneity and freedom in their work.

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